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PLC Control System

Allen-Bradly PLC 1794 FLEX and 1797 FLEX Ex I/O Modules

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The FlexLogix controller adds control to the flexible, low-cost, modular FLEX I/O system. Use FlexLogix controllers to meet the needs of your distributed and stand-alone applications.

When planning I/O communications, consider:

  • which FLEX I/O modules to use.
  • where to place FLEX I/O modules.
  • how FLEX I/O modules operate.

The FlexLogix controller supports FLEX and FLEX Ex I/O modules. FLEX and FLEX Ex I/O modules are packaged I/O modules that plug into terminal bases. The terminal base makes the backplane and provides the terminal connection points for wiring the I/O module.

This family of I/O modulesProvides
FLEX I/OFLEX I/O builds an I/O interface onto a terminal strip. Use the terminal strip on the terminal base to wire field devices directly.
FLEX Ex I/OFLEX Ex adds galvanic isolation to the modularity of FLEX I/O. Dual-fault, intrinsically-safe circuits let you install I/O or connect to field devices in a hazardous area while maintaining a high degree of safety.

Important: If you use FLEX Ex I/O modules, only connect the intrinsically-safe I/O modules to other intrinsically-safe apparatus to maintain the integrity of the intrinsically-safe system.

Do not mix regular FLEX I/O and FLEX Ex I/O on the same ControlNet network segment. You must separate the modules on different ControlNet segments using either a fiber hub (1786-RPA, 1786-RPFM and 1797-RPA, 1797-RPFM) or a ControlNet coax barrier (1797-BCNR).

You can connect FLEX Ex modules only on the local rail (not the extended-local rail) of a FlexLogix system using a 1797-BIC and 1797-CEC module pair.

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